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Top 17 Best Hacking Movies Of All Time

Best Hacking Movies

Hackers have always been popular figures in movies, and there are plenty of great hacking movies out there. They have appeared in almost every robbery or mystery movie, becoming the go-to villains for filmmakers. But why have hackers become such…

Fix KMode Exception Not Handled Error in Windows 10

KMode Exception Not Handled

Kmode exception not handled or system thread exception not handled the error check is 0x0000001e. For the layperson, this means that a kernel-mode program has generated an exception that the error handler has not caught. It often results from displaying…

10 Best Study Apps For Students

Best Study Apps for Students

The best study apps for students are ones that are well-designed, easy to use, and will help you focus. Students today are under immense pressure to succeed academically. With the ever-increasing competition, it is important that they have access to…