Is Elden Ring Harder Than Bloodborne? Which is Tougher?

The debate rages on: Is Elden Ring harder than Bloodborne? Both are action RPG games from the same developer, FromSoftware, and both contain intense and challenging combat. But which one is tougher? First, it’s important to understand the differences between the two games.

As fans of the Soulsborne series, we all know that Bloodborne and Elden Ring are two of the most popular games in the genre. Both of them have their own unique features, as well as their own unique challenges. But when compared to one another, what are the differences that set them apart?

is elden ring harder than bloodborne

Bloodborne Vs Elden Ring

Both Bloodborne and Elden Ring are known for their challenging gameplay and atmospheric worlds, but they differ in their settings and gameplay mechanics. Bloodborne is set in a Gothic horror setting and emphasizes fast-paced, strategic combat, while Elden Ring is set in a fantasy world and has a more open-ended approach to gameplay.

1) Mechanics

When it comes to mechanics, both Elden Ring and Bloodborne have their own unique styles. Elden Ring has a more open-world design, allowing players to explore the world in different ways. There are a variety of weapons and magic to choose from, and the player can use a range of strategies to take on opponents. Meanwhile, Bloodborne has a more linear structure, focused on fast-paced combat and exploration. Players must use a variety of weapons and magic to defeat enemies, as well as navigate through dangerous environments.

2) Exploration

It is an important part of both games, and both Elden Ring and Bloodborne offer different experiences. In Elden Ring, players are encouraged to explore and uncover the world’s secrets. There are a variety of places to explore, and the game is filled with secrets and surprises. Meanwhile, in Bloodborne, exploration is more focused on fighting and surviving in a hostile environment. Players must traverse a variety of different locations, and defeat difficult enemies along the way.

3) Bosses

When it comes to boss fights, both games offer unique and challenging encounters. Elden Ring pits players against powerful bosses in a variety of different locations. These bosses have unique fight mechanics, and players must use their wits and strategy to defeat them. Meanwhile, Bloodborne features intense and frantic fights against powerful foes. Players must use their weapons and magic to survive these tough battles.

4) Levelling

It is an important part of both games, and each offers its own unique system. In Elden Ring, players can level up their characters to gain new abilities and upgrade existing ones. There is a variety of skill trees to choose from, and players can create unique characters and builds. Meanwhile, Bloodborne has a more traditional levelling system, where players must collect Blood Echoes to level up their character.

5) Questlines

They are another area in which both games differ. Elden Ring has a more traditional quest-based system, where players must complete a variety of tasks in order to progress. These tasks can be anything from fetch quests to story-based missions, and players can choose how they want to complete them. Meanwhile, Bloodborne has a unique and dynamic quest system, where players must survive a series of difficult challenges in order to progress.

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Is Elden Ring Harder Than Bloodborne?

Elden Ring Vs Bloodborne

In Elden Ring, as in other Souls games, the difficulty of combat and exploration depends greatly on the player’s playstyle. The open world of Elden Ring allows players to explore far and wide. However, the bosses are said to be much more difficult than those in Bloodborne, and in order to defeat them, players must be prepared to learn and master their attack patterns.

In addition to the bosses, the enemies in Elden Ring are much tougher than those in Bloodborne. Enemy attack patterns are much more unpredictable, and players must be quick on their feet in order to dodge or block their attacks. As if this wasn’t already challenging enough, the game also features optional summons, Spirit Ashes, and Dark Souls-style summons that can assist you in battle.

To put it simply, the answer to the question of whether or not Elden Ring is harder than Bloodborne is a resounding yes. The game is definitely more challenging than its predecessor, with more difficult enemies and bosses, and an overall higher difficulty than other FromSoftware titles. That being said, the game is still accessible and enjoyable for players of all skill levels, and its unique take on the Soulsborne genre will likely make it a great title for fans of the series.

For those who have yet to experience the Soulsborne titles, Elden Ring is sure to be an exciting and challenging adventure. Players can look forward to an intense and difficult opening to the game, punishing boss fights, and plenty of exploration and optional content to enjoy. With its unique mechanics, weapon selection, and intense combat, Elden Ring will be an enjoyable, difficult, and rewarding experience for players on both Xbox Series X/S and PC.

What Makes Elden Ring Harder?

Elden Ring bosses

The game’s difficulty is largely due to the frequent one-hit kills you can suffer from bosses and even regular mobs. This means that players must be prepared to invest a lot of points into their Vigor (health stat), especially after the first main bosses and then again in the late-game areas where the difficulty will spike up. Even with 50 Vigor, wearing Medium Armor, some bosses can still one-hit players in the late-game.

Enemies and bosses in Elden Ring also have increased resistance to different types of damage. For example, some dragons have high resistance to magic, requiring players to mix up their playstyles when playing a mage if they want to do any damage. Similarly, some bosses might be resistant to physical melee damage, forcing players to use other strategies to take them down.

This makes Elden Ring much harder than its predecessors, requiring players to invest more time in farming level-ups and using different strategies to take on different bosses. If you’re looking for a real challenge, Elden Ring might just be the game for you!

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Conclusion: Final Thoughts

So, is Elden Ring harder than Bloodborne? Overall, Elden Ring promises to be a much more difficult game than its predecessors. With more enemies and bosses to fight and tougher resistances to overcome, you will need to be prepared to spend hours grinding levels and experimenting with different playstyles in order to progress. Good luck, and may the fire of the gods be with you!

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