How to Breed Toe Jammer My Singing Monsters Guide

My Singing Monsters is a popular mobile game that has captured the hearts of players of all ages. The game features a wide variety of monsters, each with its own unique characteristics and abilities. One such monster is the Toe Jammer. This water element monster is known for its tough exterior and love for all things liquid.

In this guide, we will take a detailed look at the Toe Jammer, including its appearance, breeding, likes and dislikes, and how to boost its earnings. We will also discuss the different versions of the Toe Jammer that are available in the game, and how to best take care of your Toe Jammer monster to ensure it’s happy and productive.

Whether you’re a new player or a veteran of My Singing Monsters, this guide will provide valuable information on the Toe Jammer monster and help you to better understand and enjoy the game.

Toe Jammer

It is a single-element Water monster that is first unlocked in the tutorial of the game. It is obtained by purchasing from the Market for 250 Coins. As a Single Elemental, Toe Jammer does not have a high coin production. However, it has a unique appearance and singing voice that many players find appealing.

How to Breed Toe Jammer Monster

Being a Single Elemental Natural, Toe Jammer has no specific breeding combination. Instead, it must be purchased in the Market at Level 4 for 250 coins. After a Toe Jammer is owned, another Toe Jammer may be bred as a result of breeding failure while trying to breed a Toe Jammer with another monster that isn’t a Natural Single Elemental.

Although any other monster may be used, combinations using a Quad Elemental will result in a Toe Jammer 100% of the time.

Examples of this include:

Parent 1Parent 2Resulting Monster
EntbratToe JammerToe Jammer
DeedgeToe JammerToe Jammer
RiffToe JammerToe Jammer
ShellbeatToe JammerToe Jammer
SneyserToe JammerToe Jammer
GlopticToe JammerToe Jammer
PlinkajouToe JammerToe Jammer
Toe JammerRare Toe JammerToe Jammer

The Rare variant of any breeding monster can be used instead of the Common variant; and much like most Rares, a Toe Jammer can breed with its Rare counterpart, which will always result in another Toe Jammer.

However, it works the same as if using a Quad Elemental, therefore never resulting in another Rare Toe Jammer.

  • Toe Jammer + Rare Toe Jammer

Toe Jammer Likes

Every Monster has different things that they like. For every unique object that they like that’s placed near the Monster, the monster’s happiness will increase by 25%. Placing more than one of the same liked items near a Monster won’t increase its happiness by an additional amount. If there’s a Unity Tree on the island, items don’t need to be near the Monster.

Below are the things liked by Toe Jammer:

Liked ItemRequired Level
Directions to Nowhere9
Wild Bagpipe7
Hollow Log12

Combinations Include Toe Jammer:

Here are some combinations that include the Toe Jammer:

Parent 1Parent 2Resulting Monster
FurcornToe JammerBowgart
PangoToe JammerCongle
ThumpiesToe JammerDeedge
ClambleToe JammerEntbrat
NogginToe JammerFwog
MammottToe JammerMaw
DandidooToe JammerSpunge
DrumplerToe JammerT-Rox
ReedlingToe JammerShellbeat
CybopToe JammerScups
PotbellyToe JammerOaktopus
ShrubbToe JammerPummel
TweedleToe JammerQuibble
PompomToe JammerRiff

Note: These are examples of breeding combinations that can potentially produce the monsters listed. However, breeding in My Singing Monsters is based on random chance and other factors such as breeding time and element combination also play a role in determining the outcome of the breeding.

Where the Toe Jammer Lives:

It can be found on the following Islands in My Singing Monsters:

  • Plant Island

Can Be Brought to Following Islands:

  • Cold Island
  • Air Island
  • Water Island
  • Fire Oasis
  • Psychic Island
  • Bone Island
  • Tribal Island
  • The Colossingum
  • Composer Island
  • Gold Island

Boost Earnings by Placing Decorations

If you want to boost your Toe Jammer’s earnings, you can place certain decorations near the monster.

It likes the following decorations:

  • Wild Bagpipe
  • Directions to Nowhere
  • Hollow Log

The Toe Jammer Likes These Monsters

It likes the following monsters:

  • Furcorn
  • Pummel
  • Riff
  • Whaddle
  • Flowah
  • Uuduk

Name of Monsters Who Like Toe Jammer

In addition to the Toe Jammer liking certain monsters, there are also some monsters that like the Toe Jammer.

These include:

  • Furcorn 
  • Pummel 
  • Riff 
  • Flowah 
  • Woolabee 
  • Uuduk 
  • Rare Toe Jammer 
  • Rare Noggin 
  • Rare Mammott 
  • Rare Potbelly 
  • Rare Tweedle 
  • Rare Kayna

Feeding Toe Jammer Monsters

Each monster needs to be fed four times before it reaches the next level. Increasing the monster’s level increases the coins earned per minute, as well as the maximum coins earned.

Buying Price And Selling Price:

The Buying Price of the Toe Jammer monster is 250 Coins and it can be purchased from the Market at Level 4. The Selling Price of Toe Jammer is 187 Coins. On Composer Island, the buying price is 2,000 Coins and the selling price is 1,500 Coins. On Colossingum, the buying price is 25 Diamonds.

Breeding/Incubation Time

The default incubation time for breeding a Toe Jammer monster is 1 minute. With the use of an incubator, the breeding time can be reduced to 45 seconds.

Placement XP

Placing a Toe Jammer monster on an island will give you 125 XP points.


It is available in Rare and Epic versions, named Rare Toe Jammer and Epic Toe Jammer respectively. They can be obtained by breeding a Toe Jammer with its Rare counterpart or by purchasing them in the Market.


In conclusion, Toe Jammer is a valuable monster to have in your collection in the My Singing Monsters game. It’s a single-element Water monster that can be used in a variety of breeding combinations to produce different monsters. Toe Jammer’s singing abilities can also be used to boost earnings by placing decorations and other monsters near it.

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