How to Breed Dandidoo My Singing Monsters Guide

My Singing Monsters is a popular mobile game that allows players to breed and collect a variety of musical monsters. Each monster has its own unique sound and appearance, and players can combine different monsters to breed new ones.

One of the monsters that players can breed in the game is the Dandidoo. This guide will provide an in-depth look at the Dandidoo, including how to breed it, where it can be found, and what items and decorations will boost its happiness and coin production.


It is a double-element monster that has both Air and Plant elements. It is first unlocked on Cold Island and has a size of 1×1. The Dandidoo monster also has a unique appearance, with a round body and fluffy white puffs on its head, resembling a dandelion. The puffs on its head are called Dandiflorets, which is a reference to the dandelion flower.

How to Breed Dandidoo Monster

To breed the Dandidoo monster in My Singing Monsters, players can use the following combinations:

Parent 1Parent 2Result
Tweedle (Air element)Potbelly (Plant element)Possible chance of breeding Dandidoo
Tweedle (Air element)Flumptey (Plant element)Possible chance of breeding Dandidoo
Potbelly (Plant element)Flumptey (Plant element)Possible chance of breeding Dandidoo
Tweedle (Air element)Quibble (Plant element)Possible chance of breeding Dandidoo

Keep in mind that these combinations may not always result in a Dandidoo, and it may take some trial and error to get the monster you desire.

Dandidoo Likes

To increase the happiness and coin production of your Dandidoo monster, it is important to place decorations and items that it likes near it.

It likes the following items:

Item/MonsterLevel Required
Yum Yum Tree18
Hollow Log12
Spurrit Statue15

Combinations Include Dandidoo:

Here are some combinations that include the Dandidoo:

Parent 1Parent 2Result
Toe JammerDandidooSpunge

Keep in mind that breeding in My Singing Monsters can be random and these combinations may not always result in the monster you desire, and it may take some trial and error to get the desired monster.

Where the Dandidoo Lives:

It can be found on the following Islands in My Singing Monsters:

  • Cold Island

Can Be Brought to Following Islands:

  • Water Island
  • Earth Island
  • Fire Haven
  • Tribal Island
  • The Colossingum
  • Composer Island
  • Gold Island

Boost Earnings by Placing Decorations

To increase the happiness and coin production of your Dandidoo, place the following decorations near it:

  • Yum Yum Tree
  • Hollow Log
  • Spurrit Statue

The Dandidoo Likes These Monsters:

It likes the following monsters:

  • Spunge
  • PomPom
  • Glowl
  • Rare Dandidoo

Name of Monsters Who Like Dandidoo

In addition to the Dandidoo liking certain monsters, there are also some monsters that like the Dandidoo.

These include:

  • Spunge
  • PomPom
  • Glowl
  • Rare Dandidoo

Feeding Dandidoo Monsters

To level up your Dandidoo monster, you’ll need to feed it four times. As the Dandidoo’s level increases, the coins earned per minute and the maximum coins earned will also increase.

Buying Price And Selling Price:

It can be purchased for 30 Diamonds in My Singing Monsters. In Composer Island, it can be purchased for 4,000 Coins and in Colossingum it can be purchased for 35 Diamonds. The selling price for the Dandidoo is 11,250 Coins in My Singing Monsters or 3,000 Coins in Composer Island.

Breeding/Incubation Time

The default breeding time for the Dandidoo is 8 hours, but with enhancements, it can be decreased to 6 hours.

Placement XP

Placing a Dandidoo on your island will give you 4,000 XP.


There are two versions of the Dandidoo monster: Rare Dandidoo and Epic Dandidoo. The Rare Dandidoo can be unlocked at level 9, while the Epic Dandidoo requires two Rare Dandidoos to breed.


It is a unique and interesting monster in My Singing Monsters with a double element of Air and Plant. It is a great addition to any player’s collection. With the proper breeding combinations, decorations, and feeding, the Dandidoo can be a valuable asset to your island with its high coin production. Additionally, the Rare and Epic versions of the Dandidoo add more excitement to the game and extra motivation for players to breed and collect them.

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