How to Breed Reedling My Singing Monsters Guide

My Singing Monsters is a popular mobile game that allows players to collect and breed a wide variety of creatures known as “monsters.” These monsters all have their own unique characteristics and abilities and can be found on different islands throughout the game.

One of these monsters is the Reedling, a triple-element monster with a special ability to breathe through flute-like spines on its back. If you’re looking for how to breed Reedling, this guide will provide you with all the information you need to know.

How to Breed Reedling


The Reedling is a natural triple-element monster that is first unlocked on Water Island. As a triple-element monster, the Reedling does not have a particularly high coin production. It is depicted as a small creature with a body resembling a cross between a dog, porcupine, and rabbit.

It has flute-like spines on its back, which is unusual among monsters in the game. Its name comes from the reeds instrument, and it is said to share the same ancestor as the Blabbit.

How to Breed Reedling Monster

To breed a Reedling monster, First, make sure you have unlocked the Water Island, as this is where the Reedling is first available. You will also need to have reached at least level 9 in the game.

Here are the possible combinations for breeding the Reedling:

Dandidoo + NogginReedling
Cybop + PotbellyReedling
Shrubb + TweedleReedling

Once you have selected your monsters, start the breeding process by placing them in the breeding structure and waiting for the breeding timer to count down.

Once the breeding process is complete, you should have a Reedling egg. You will need to incubate this egg in the nursery on Water Island until it hatches into a Reedling monster.

Once the Reedling has hatched, you can place it on any of the islands where it is available.

Keep in mind that breeding combinations are not guaranteed and may vary based on various factors such as the level of your monsters, the specific combination you are using, and the use of in-game items. It is always a good idea to try multiple combinations and be patient while breeding your Reedling.

Reedling Likes

Every monster in My Singing Monsters has different things that they like. Placing these liked items near a monster will increase its happiness by 25%. You can place more than one of the same liked items near a monster.

But this will not increase its happiness any further. If there is a Unity Tree on the island, items do not need to be placed near the monster in order for its happiness to be increased.

It likes the following items:

Item/MonsterRequired Level
Beeyoot Tree8
Pipes of Cicado10
Squeed Statue16

Boosting the happiness of your Reedling will not only make it a more enjoyable monster to have on your island, but it will also increase its coin production.

Combinations Include Reedling:

Here are some combinations that include the Reedling:

Reedling + Toe JammerShellbeat
Quarrister + ReedlingHumbug
Shellbeat + ReedlingJeeode
Reedling + MammottQuarrister

Keep in mind that the breeding process can be quite unpredictable, so it may take multiple attempts to successfully breed a Reedling.

Where the Reedling Lives:

It can be found on the following Islands in My Singing Monsters:

  • Water Island

Can Be Brought to Following Islands:

  • Earth Island
  • Fire Haven
  • Tribal Island
  • The Colossingum
  • Composer Island
  • Gold Island

Boost Earnings by Placing Decorations

Placing certain decorations near the Reedling can help to boost its coin production.

It likes the following decorations:

  • Beeyoot Tree
  • Pipes of Cicado
  • Squeed Statue

The Reedling Likes These Monsters:

It also has a preference for certain monsters. It likes the following monsters:

  • Potbelly
  • Shrubb

Name of Monsters Who Like Reedling

In addition to the Reedling liking certain monsters, there are also some monsters that like the Reedling.

These include:

  • Potbelly 
  • Shrubb 
  • Rare Reedling 
  • Epic Quibble

Feeding Reedling Monsters

In order to level up your Reedling monster, you will need to feed it four times. Each time you feed the Reedling, it will move up a level, which will increase its coin production. You can feed your Reedling by selecting it and then choosing the “feed” option.

Buying Price and Selling Price:

The Reedling can be purchased for 50 diamonds, or 8,000 coins on Composer Island, or 60 diamonds on The Colossingum. It can be sold for 18,750 coins or 6,000 coins on Composer Island.

Breeding/Incubation Time:

The breeding time for the Reedling is 12 hours by default, but this can be reduced to 9 hours with the use of certain in-game items. The incubation time for the Reedling is also 12 hours by default, but can also be reduced with the use of certain in-game items.

Placement XP:

Placing the Reedling on one of your islands will give you 11,000 placement XP.


There are two versions of the Reedling available in My Singing Monsters: Rare Reedling and Epic Reedling. The Rare Reedling can be obtained through breeding, while the Epic Reedling can be obtained through special events or by purchasing it with diamonds.


In conclusion, the Reedling is a unique and interesting monster in My Singing Monsters that can add some musical flair to your collection. With a little patience and persistence, players can successfully breed and raise their own Reedling monster in the game.

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