How to Breed Jeeode My Singing Monsters Guide

In My Singing Monsters, the Jeeode is a rare and sought-after monster that can be difficult to breed. This guide will provide you with all the information you need to know about breeding the Jeeode, including which monsters to use and which items and decorations to place near it to boost its earnings.


The Jeeode is a single-element Ethereal monster with the Crystal element. It can be found on Water Island and can be teleported to Ethereal Island once it has been fed to level 15. The Jeeode has a breeding time of 1 day and 12 hours and It has excellent coin production on Water Island and excellent shard production on Ethereal Island. In the game, you can boost the Jeeode’s earnings by placing certain decorations and monsters near it, and it can be used in breeding combinations to obtain other monsters.

How to Breed Jeeode Monster

To breed the Jeeode monster in My Singing Monsters, you will need to use the Shellbeat monster and one of the following monsters: Spunge, Pummel, Scups, or Reedling. It is important to note that breeding in My Singing Monsters is based on chance, so it is possible that you may need to breed multiple times to obtain the Jeeode.

Here are the possible combinations for breeding the Jeeode:

Monster 1Monster 2Result

Jeeode Likes

The Jeeode likes the following items:

  • Tweedle (requires level 4)
  • Boodoo (requires level 9)
  • Reflecting Pool (requires level 6)
  • Digger (requires level 15)
  • Tub Fountain (requires level 26)

Placing these items near the Jeeode will increase its happiness by 25%. Note that placing more than one of the same liked items near a monster will not increase its happiness by an additional amount. If there is a Unity Tree on the island, items do not need to be placed near the monster for it to receive the happiness bonus.

Combinations Include Jeeode:

The following table shows the combinations that include Jeeode:

Monster 1Monster 2Result
HumbugJeeodeFung Pray

Where the Jeeode Lives:

The Jeeode can be found on the following Islands in My Singing Monsters:

  • Water Island

Can Be Brought to Following Islands:

  • Ethereal Island

Boost Earnings by Placing Decorations

To boost the earnings of your Jeeode monster, you can place certain decorations and monsters near it.

The Jeeode likes the following decorations:

  • Reflecting Pool
  • Digger
  • Tub Fountain

Placing these decorations near the Jeeode will give it a 25-50-75-100% earning bonus, depending on the number of items you place.

The Jeeode Likes These Monsters:

It likes the following monsters

  • Tweedle

Monsters Who Like Jeeode

  • Boodoo 
  • Dragong 
  • Rare Jeeode

Jeeode Buying Price and Selling Price

Jeeodes can be purchased for 1,000 diamonds on Water Island or 1,500 diamonds on Ethereal Island. They can also be obtained through breeding, as described below. When it’s time to sell your Jeeode, you’ll receive 750,000 coins on Water Island or 20 shards on Ethereal Island.

Jeeode Breeding/Incubation Time

The breeding time for a Jeeode is 1 day and 12 hours on Water Island or 10 hours on Ethereal Island. The incubation time, or the time it takes for the egg to hatch, is also slightly shorter on Ethereal Island at 7 hours and 30 minutes compared to 1 day and 3 hours on Water Island.

Jeeode Placement XP

When you place a Jeeode on your island, you’ll earn 375,000 XP on Water Island or 10,125 XP on Ethereal Island. This can help you level up and unlock new features and creatures in the game.

Jeeode Versions

There are two special versions of the Jeeode available: Rare Jeeode and Epic Jeeode. These versions likely have different characteristics and abilities than the standard Jeeode and can be obtained through special breeding combinations or events.

Feeding Jeeode Monsters

In My Singing Monsters, each monster needs to be fed a certain number of times to reach the next level. Increasing a monster’s level increases the number of shards it earns per hour, as well as the maximum number of shards it can earn. To reach the next level, each monster needs to be fed four times.

For example, if a Jeeode monster is currently at level 1, it will need to be fed four times to reach level 2. Once it reaches level 2, it will earn more shards per hour and have a higher maximum shard limit. The process of increasing a monster’s level through feeding will continue until the monster reaches its maximum level, which is typically level 15.

It is important to keep your monsters well-fed in My Singing Monsters as this will increase their coin and element production and help them reach their full potential.


It is important to avoid breeding the Jeeode with monsters that have elements other than Crystal or longer breeding times. By following these tips and tricks, you can successfully breed and raise your own Jeeode monster in My Singing Monsters.

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