How to Breed Humbug My Singing Monsters Guide

Welcome to our My Singing Monsters breeding guide for the Humbug monster! The Humbug is a unique and interesting creature that can be found on Earth Island, and can later be teleported to the Ethereal Island once it has been fed to level 15. If you’re looking to add a Humbug to your collection of monsters, you’re in the right place!

In this guide, we’ll go over all the details you need to know about breeding and caring for the Humbug, including what it likes, what combinations will produce it, and how to increase its happiness and earnings.


The Humbug is a single-element Ethereal monster with the Poison element. It is known for its ability to glide through supersonic dimensional highways from universe to universe when it buzzes its wings fast enough. In My Singing Monsters, the Humbug is a popular choice due to its high coin and shard production rates. It is best obtained by breeding a Quarrister with a triple-element monster and has a default breeding time of 1 day and 12 hours.

How to Breed Humbug Monster

Breeding the Humbug monster can be a bit challenging, as it requires a specific combination of monsters.

Here are the possible combinations for breeding the Humbug:

First MonsterSecond MonsterResult

It’s important to note that breeding in My Singing Monsters is based on chance, so it may take several attempts to get the Humbug using these combinations. It may be helpful to try different combinations and keep track of the results to see which ones are more likely to produce the Humbug.

Humbug Likes

Every monster has different things that it likes, and the Humbug is no exception. Placing liked items near the Humbug will increase its happiness by 25%, which can boost its earnings and overall performance in the game.

Here are the things that the Humbug likes:

ItemRequired Level
Floofy Nest24
Flappy Flag9
Piney Tree13

If there is a Unity Tree on your island, you do not need to place the liked items directly next to the Humbug for its happiness to increase. Placing more than one of the same liked items near a Humbug will not provide an additional increase in happiness. Keeping your Humbug happy can be helpful in increasing its production of coins or shards, depending on which island it is located on.

Combinations Include Humbug:

The Humbug can also be used in certain breeding combinations to produce other monsters.

Here are some combinations that include the Humbug:

First MonsterSecond MonsterResult
HumbugJeeodeFung Pray

Where the Humbug Lives:

The Humbug can be found on the following Islands in My Singing Monsters:

  • Earth Island

Can Be Brought to Following Islands:

  • Ethereal Island

On Earth Island, the Humbug has strong coin production, while on Ethereal Island it has excellent shard production.

Boost Earnings by Placing Decorations

In addition to increasing the Humbug’s happiness, placing certain decorations and monsters near it can also boost its earnings. Here are the decorations that the Humbug likes:

  • Floofy Nest
  • Flappy Flag
  • Piney Tree

Humbug Likes These Monsters:

It likes the following monsters:

  • Kazilleon
  • Thumpies

Placing these items and monsters near the Humbug will provide a 25-50-75-100% earning bonus.

Monsters Who Like Humbug

  • Kazilleon 
  • Rare Humbug

Humbug Buying Price And Selling Price:

The Humbug can be purchased for 1,000 Diamonds on Earth and 1,500 Diamonds on Ethereal. It can be sold for 750,000 Coins on Earth and 20 Shards on Ethereal.

Humbug Breeding/Incubation Time:

The breeding time for a Humbug is 1 day and 12 hours on Earth and 10 hours on Ethereal, and the incubation time is 1 day, 3 hours on Earth, and 7 hours, 30 minutes on Ethereal.

Humbug Placement XP:

When placed on an island, the Humbug provides 375,000 XP on Earth and 10,125 XP on Ethereal.

Humbug Versions:

In addition to the regular Humbug, there is also a Rare version of the Humbug that can be obtained through breeding. The Rare Humbug has special abilities and a unique appearance.

Feeding Humbug Monsters

It’s important to remember to feed your Humbug monsters to help them reach the next level. Each Humbug needs to be fed four times to reach the next level. As the Humbug’s level increases, it will earn more shards per hour and have a higher maximum number of shards that it can earn.


We hope this guide has been helpful in your quest to breed and raise a Humbug monster in My Singing Monsters. Remember to use the Quarrister and one of the other listed monsters to breed the Humbug, and to place liked items and monsters near it to boost its happiness and earnings. Don’t forget to feed your Humbug to help it reach higher levels and increase its shard production. Good luck!

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