How to Breed Shugabush My Singing Monsters Guide

Are you a fan of My Singing Monsters and looking to add the elusive Shugabush to your collection? The Shugabush is a Legendary monster with a unique connection to the band Sugarland and its lead singer, Kristian Bush, who collaborated with the game developers to create the monster.

In this guide, we will cover everything you need to know about breeding the Shugabush, including the combinations you can use, the items and monsters that the Shugabush likes, and where you can find it in the game.

How to Breed Shugabush


The Shugabush is a member of the Legendary Shugafam class of Monsters and is found on Plant Island. It was added to the game on July 29th, 2013 during Version 1.1.7. The Shugabush has a special connection to music and is known for its love of sweet treats and its skill as a performer. It is often seen jamming along with other monsters and is a true embodiment of the spirit of collaboration.

How to Breed Shugabush Monster

Breeding the Shugabush can be a bit challenging, as it is a Legendary monster and has specific breeding requirements.

Here are the possible combinations you can use to breed the Shugabush:

Monster 1Monster 2Result

It is important to note that breeding results in My Singing Monsters are determined randomly, so it is not guaranteed that you will obtain a Shugabush on every attempt. However, using these combinations will increase your chances of getting a Shugabush. The incubation time for a Shugabush is 35 hours, or 1 day and 11 hours, so you will need to wait for the breeding process to complete before you can see the result.

Shugabush Likes

The Shugabush has a variety of likes that can increase its happiness in the game. Placing these items near the Shugabush, or on the same island if there is a Unity Tree present, will increase the Shugabush’s happiness by 25% for each unique liked item. Keep in mind that placing multiple copies of the same liked item will not increase the Shugabush’s happiness further.

The Shugabush likes the following items:

ItemRequired Level
Inverdigus Sprig8
Tree Hut17
Bottomless Pit18
Razzli Tree12

The Mystery Like of the Shugabush varies depending on the island it is placed on. On Plant Island, the Bottomless Pit is the Mystery Like for the Shugabush, while on Shugabush Island, the Razzli Tree is the Mystery Like.

Combinations Include Shugabush:

The Shugabush can also be used in a variety of breeding combinations to obtain new monsters.

Here are some combinations that include the Shugabush:

Monster 1Monster 2Result

Where the Shugabush Lives:

The Shugabush can be found on the following Islands in My Singing Monsters:

  • Plant Island

Can Be Brought to Following Islands:

  • Shugabush Island
  • Gold Island

Boost Earnings by Placing Decorations

If you want to boost your Shugabush’s earnings in My Singing Monsters, you can place certain decorations and monsters near it to obtain a 25-50-75-100% earning bonus.

The Shugabush likes the following decorations:

  • Tree Hut
  • Bottomless Pit
  • Razzli Tree

Like Monsters

The Shugabush also likes the following monsters:

  • Furcorn

By placing these items and monsters near the Shugabush, you can increase its coin production and maximize your earnings in the game.

Monsters Who Like Shugabush

  • Epic Mammott

Shugabush Buying Price And Selling Price:

The Shugabush can be purchased for 700 diamonds on Shugabush Island or Gold Island. It can be sold for 150,000 coins.

Shugabush Breeding/Incubation Time:

The breeding and incubation time for the Shugabush is 1 day, 11 hours (default), or 1 day, 2 hours, and 15 minutes (enhanced).

Shugabush Placement XP:

Placing the Shugabush on an island will give you 50,000 placement XP.

Shugabush Versions:

There is only one version of the Shugabush available in My Singing Monsters. It is a Legendary class monster with the Legendary element.

Feeding Shugabush Monsters

Each monster in My Singing Monsters needs to be fed four times before it reaches the next level. As a monster’s level increases, its coin production per minute and maximum coin capacity will also increase. To feed a monster, you will need to tap on it and select the food icon. This will open the food menu, where you can select the type of food you would like to give to the monster. Different monsters have different preferred types of food, so make sure to select the correct type of food for the monster you are trying to feed.


We hope this guide has helped you learn more about breeding and caring for the Shugabush in My Singing Monsters. With its love of sweet treats and musical talent, the Shugabush is a unique and fun monster to have in your collection. By using the correct breeding combinations, placing liked items and monsters near the Shugabush, and feeding it regularly, you can maximize its happiness and earnings in the game. Good luck on your journey to breed the Shugabush!

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