How to Breed T-Rox My Singing Monsters Guide

In the world of My Singing Monsters, the T-Rox is a formidable and majestic creature found on Plant, Air, and Gold Islands. With its flashing spikelets, chomping jaws, and rock-like scales, the T-Rox exudes enthusiasm and energy.

If you’re looking to add a T-Rox to your collection of monsters, this guide will provide you with all the information you need to successfully breed and care for this triple-element beast.


The T-Rox is a triple-element monster that is first unlocked on Plant Island. It has elements of Earth, Cold, and Water, and is known for its dinosaur-like appearance, with crystal horns and spikelets on its tail. Despite its fearsome appearance, the T-Rox is actually quite docile and can be won over with the right combination of food and decorations.

How to Breed T-Rox Monster:

Breeding the T-Rox in My Singing Monsters can be a bit challenging, as it requires a specific combination of two monsters. However, with the right strategy and a little bit of luck, you’ll be able to add this powerful creature to your collection in no time.

Here are the possible combinations for breeding the T-Rox:

Monster 1Monster 2Result
DrumplerToe JammerT-Rox

T-Rox Likes:

Every monster in My Singing Monsters has different things that they like, and the T-Rox is no exception. By placing liked items near the T-Rox, you can increase its happiness by 25%. If there’s a Unity Tree on the island, you don’t need to worry about placement – the T-Rox will be happy as long as the liked items are present.

Here’s what the T-Rox likes:

ItemRequired Level
Piney Tree13
Bloofi Tree12
Dragoon Statue16

Combinations Include T-Rox:

In addition to being able to breed the T-Rox by itself, it can also be used as one-half of the breeding combination for several other monsters.

Here are some combinations that include the T-Rox:

Monster 1Monster 2Result

Where the T-Rox Lives:

The T-Rox can be found on the following Islands in My Singing Monsters:

  • Plant Island

Can Be Brought to Following Islands:

  • Air Island
  • Tribal Island
  • The Colossingum
  • Composer Island
  • Gold Island

Boost Earnings by Placing Decorations:

If you want to boost your T-Rox’s earnings, you can do so by placing certain decorations near it. This will give you a 25-50-75-100% earning bonus, depending on the number of decorations you have.

Here are the decorations that the T-Rox likes:

  • Bloofi Tree
  • Piney Tree
  • Dragoon Statue

The T-Rox Likes These Monsters:

In addition to liking certain decorations, the T-Rox also has a preference for certain monsters. Placing liked monsters near the T-Rox will also increase its happiness, leading to a boost in its coin production.

Here are the monsters that the T-Rox likes:

  • Potbelly
  • Congle

Monsters Who Like T-Rox

  • Potbelly 
  • Congle 
  • Rare T-Rox 
  • Epic Quibble

T-Rox Buying Price And Selling Price:

The T-Rox can be purchased for 50 diamonds or obtained through breeding. It can be sold for 14,000 coins.

T-Rox Breeding/Incubation Time:

The breeding and incubation time for T-Rox is 8 hours, with the option to reduce this time by using an “enhanced” breeding process.

T-Rox Placement XP:

Placing a T-Rox on an island will provide you with 7,000 placement experience points.

T-Rox Versions:

There are both rare and epic versions of the T-Rox available in the game. The rare T-Rox can be obtained through breeding, while the epic T-Rox can be obtained through special events or by purchasing it with diamonds.

Feeding T-Rox Monsters:

Every monster in My Singing Monsters needs to be fed in order to reach the next level, and the T-Rox is no exception. It needs to be fed four times to advance to the next level, increasing its coin production and maximum coin earnings. Make sure to keep your T-Rox well-fed and happy in order to maximize its earning potential.


The T-Rox is a formidable and majestic creature that can add a touch of power and excitement to your collection of monsters in My Singing Monsters. With its flashing spikelets and chomping jaws, the T-Rox is sure to be a standout on any island. By following this guide and using the right breeding combinations, you’ll be well on your way to adding a T-Rox of your own.

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