How to Breed a Ghazt in My Singing Monsters Guide

Welcome to our comprehensive guide on how to breed the Ghazt monster in My Singing Monsters! If you’re a fan of this popular mobile game, you’ve probably already encountered the Ghazt and its unique musical abilities. But have you ever wondered how to breed your own Ghazt?

Look no further, as this guide will cover all the necessary information you need to successfully breed this monster. including the required combinations and success rates. We will also discuss the Ghazt’s likes, its use in breeding other monsters, and the best locations and decorations to boost its earnings.

How to Breed a Ghazt


Ghazt is a single-element Ethereal Monster with the Plasma element. It is known for its sleek frame and ability to become intangible, which allows it to slip in and out of places unnoticed. However, these traits also make it vulnerable to accidental interdimensional travel. Ghazt is found on Plant Island and can be teleported to Ethereal Island once fed to level 15.

It has a cat-like appearance, with a body covered in shimmering fur and a tail that ends in a glowing orb. Its eyes are large and glowing, and it has small, pointed ears. Despite its playful and curious nature, it can sometimes be aloof and prefer to be alone or in the company of others of its kind.

How to Breed a Ghazt Monster

Breeding the Ghazt in My Singing Monsters can be a bit of a challenge, but using this guide can help you get the Ghazt faster than simply trying combinations at random. The Ghazt can be bred using a combination of an Entbrat and one three-element monster.

Here are the possible combinations:

There is a low probability of successfully breeding a Ghazt. It is unknown if certain combinations are more effective, but the Entbrat and T-Rox combination may result in shorter wait times between attempts. Based on statistics, there is a 50% chance of breeding at least one Ghazt after 70 attempts, and a 99.9% chance of breeding at least one Ghazt after 690 attempts.

Ghazt Likes

Ghazt’s happiness will increase by 25% for every unique object that it likes that is placed near it. Adding multiple copies of the same liked item will not further increase happiness. If there is a Unity Tree on the island, the proximity of the liked items to Ghazt is not necessary for its happiness to increase.

Ghazt likes the following items:

  • Entbrat (unlockable at level 9)
  • Whisp (unlockable at level 9)
  • Babayag Tower (unlockable at level 15)
  • Squeed Statue (unlockable at level 16)
  • Crumpler Tree (unlockable at level 19).

Combinations Include Ghazt:

The following combinations include Ghazt:

Monster 1Monster 2Resulting Breed

Where the Ghazt Lives:

The Ghazt can be found on Plant Island in My Singing Monsters. This island is characterized by its lush vegetation and colorful flowers. The Ghazt can be placed in a habitat with other monsters of the same element (Plant) in order to create a harmonious environment.

Can Be Brought to Following Islands:

  • Ethereal Island

Boost Earnings by Placing Decorations

Placing decorations in the Ghazt’s habitat can not only make it a more enjoyable place to live, but it can also boost your earnings in the game. When you have a happy, well-decorated habitat, your monsters will produce more coins, which can be used to buy more monsters, decorations, and other in-game items.

The Ghazt Likes These Decorations:

Ghazt’s happiness will increase when it is near the following decorations:

  • Babayag Tower
  • Squeed Statue
  • Crumpler Tree

By using these decorations, you can create a natural and inviting habitat for your Ghazt.

The Ghazt Likes These Monsters:

The Ghazt gets along well with monsters of the same element (Plant), as well as those with complementary elements. Some monsters that the Ghazt particularly enjoys being around included:

MonsterRequired Level

Having these monsters in the same habitat as the Ghazt can create a harmonious environment and improve its overall happiness.

Monsters Who Like Ghazt:

In addition to the Ghazt liking certain monsters, there are also monsters that like the Ghazt.

These monsters include:

  • Arackulele
  • Bellowfish
  • Rare Ghazt

Having a Ghazt on your island can increase the happiness of these monsters and boost your coin earnings.

Ghazt Buying Price and Selling Price

Ghazt can be purchased from the market in My Singing Monsters for 1,000 diamonds (Plant version) or 1,500 diamonds (Ethereal version).

It can be sold for 750,000 coins (Plant version) or 20 shards (Ethereal version).

Ghazt Breeding/Incubation Time

The breeding and incubation time for Ghazt varies depending on the version (Plant or Ethereal) and whether the breeding is enhanced or not. The default breeding and incubation time for the Plant version is 1 day and 12 hours, and for the Ethereal version, it is 10 hours.

The enhanced breeding and incubation time for the Plant version is 1 day and 3 hours, and for the Ethereal version, it is 7 hours and 30 minutes.

Ghazt Placement XP

The placement XP for Ghazt is 375,000 XP for the Plant version and 10,125 XP for the Ethereal version.

Ghazt Versions

There are two versions of Ghazt available in My Singing Monsters: Rare and Epic. The Rare Ghazt has a green appearance, while the Epic Ghazt has a purple appearance. The Epic Ghazt is more difficult to obtain and has more powerful stats than the Rare Ghazt.

Feeding Ghazt Monsters

It’s important to keep your ghazt well-fed because hungry monsters will not produce as many coins and may become unhappy. To ensure that your ghazt is well taken care of, try to remember to feed them regularly.

In addition to feeding your ghazt, you can also keep them happy by playing with them and decorating their habitat. This will help your ghazt to produce more coins, which you can use to buy more food and other items in the game.


Q: How long does a Ghazt take to breed?

The time it takes for a Ghazt egg to hatch in My Singing Monsters can vary, but it typically ranges from 7 to 10 hours in the best-case scenario, and up to 1 day and 12 hours in the worst-case scenario. It’s important to note that hatching times can be affected by various factors such as the level of the player, in-game events, or updates made by the game’s developers, and may also differ between players. It’s also worth noting that the odds of breeding a Ghazt are quite low, around 1%, so it may take a lot of breeding and waiting to obtain a Ghazt egg.


In conclusion, breeding the Ghazt monster in My Singing Monsters requires the use of specific monster combinations and a bit of patience. By following the steps outlined in this guide and keeping the Ghazt’s likes in mind, you should be able to successfully breed this adorable and musical monster. Good luck on your breeding journey!

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